Organizational Structure

The vision is for Applied Enlightenment to be a versatile organization that provides a continuum of open to closed systems to accelerate discussion, elevation, development and implementation of project ideas that advance us towards becoming an ecologically sustainable and beneficial presence on the planet.

AE is envisioned as a complex organization with non-profit, for-profit and academic structures, capable of applying the most effective approaches to any given project or goal. Potential structures include the B Corporation approach or a hybrid non-profit/for-profit model. 

Imagine a tree or ladder of organizational centers ranging from broad open access organization and development hubs to in-house project development and implementation groups. Organizational Centers are currently defined as AE Hub, AE Community, AE Activism, AE Incubator, AE Network, AE Venture, and AE Projects.

Applied Enlightenment Vertical Structure

Complementing the vertical structure presented here is a horizontal structure, with the organizing principals and efforts extending geographically/globally as originates with local interest and appropriateness. 

AE Hub

At its base, AE Hub will be a global database of organizations, companies, local businesses, projects and individuals acting in direct or indirect ways towards AE goals of transformation to an ecologically sustainable and beneficial presence. But the database is in the background. For its public face, AE Hub will strive to be the go-to place for awareness of what is happening locally and globally in forward movement, and for guiding and matching interests and expertise for partnering, pitching in, etc. AE Hub will be an intelligent system that, in sophisticated ways, connects and helps advance the goals and success of its participants and AE's vision.

AE Community

Initially through existing media such as Facebook groups and Slack community collaborative workspaces, AE Community would facilitate open tiered discussion primarily focused on development and coordination of creative ideas and actions, with algorithms developed to identify and advance promising concepts. 

AE Incubator

Concepts elevated sufficiently through AE Community discussion, or otherwise brought in through an evaluation process, enter the AE Incubator- a support network of collaborative workspaces that match concept developers with advisors and people with specific technical skills, assembling teams to help the developers refine their projects and put them into practice in the world. The Incubator would also help developers identify potential funding sources and strategies. 

AE Network

AE Network is central to all elements of AE's structure. The network will essentially be composed of two parts. One will be a network of established companies and organizations with missions aligned with AE's, including AE affiliates brought on through partnerships and AE Venture investments. The network will facilitate building communications between people doing similar efforts globally,  and facilitate building partnerships, coordinated actions and other relationships that further the ability and rapidity of achieving atmospheric, ecological, economic and societal goals. The second part will be an outgrowth of AE Hub- a global network of independent contracts, small businesses, and other resources that can be strategically matched to needs at all points of the AE vertical structure presented here.

AE Venture

Initially, AE Venture will identify nascent projects, companies, and organizations to match with venture capital, grants or other funding partnerships. As AE for-profit projects gain value, AE will begin making its own venture capital investments, building a family of affiliated projects. One focus for AE investments will be projects developing in the AE Incubator.

 AE Projects

AE Projects are projects developed and implemented internally by Applied Enlightenment. As much as possible, project development will be conducted in partnership with other organizations and companies to increase the quality and speed with which the projects are brought to market. Click here to see descriptions of over 20 project concepts providing the start-up palette for the organization. This initial AE project set displays examples of the breadth and depth of approaches, directly and indirectly, contributing to the mission of AE.

Horizontal Structure

Complementing the vertical structure presented here is a horizontal structure, with the organizing principals and efforts extending geographically/globally as originates with local interest and appropriateness.