Initial Projects

Bouamir Rainforest Tree Plot 25-Year Resurvey and Expansion Project

The Congo Basin Institute (CBI) has rebuilt the Bouamir Research Station in the Dja Reserve Cameroon, cofounded by CBI, Ken Whitney and AE founder Mark Fogiel in 1993. In communication with current CBI staff in the field, most of Mark’s 1994 vegetation plots have been re-found. CBI’s recently revived research infrastructure, along with their support structure in general for research in the region, is invaluable to making carrying out this project possible.

Significant steps have been completed in planning, scoping and budgeting the resurvey. Next step activities include completing initial planning, scoping and budgeting then seeking grants and other funding to enable the survey. Field work is anticipated to take 8-weeks to complete. While most of the survey team will be Cameroonian, 1-2 U.S. biologists or biology students are sought for scientific assistance (project will provide within-country transportation, food and lodging). Collaboration is also being sought to update analyses of 1994 data and co-authoring up to six additional papers from the full 1994 data set.

Dispersal Database

As mentioned in the introduction for the project, a database has already been started containing seed dispersal interaction observations involving nearly 200 plant species and 100 animal species in African tropical rainforest. Advancement on the project will require collaboration with a database specialist to transform the database and interface towards making it amenable to cloud-based crowdsourced input.

Augmented Natural Processes Ecological Restoration

Work completed includes an analysis of a small data set of naturally dispersed seedling densities and mortality rates in a large and complex 190-acre riparian restoration. The results were used to model natural recruitment potential to contribute to riparian woodland restoration goals through natural seedling survival enhancement. The model in turn provided information used to propose a hybrid container planting/augmented natural recruitment restoration design including initial site evaluation procedures, augmented natural recruitment expectation modeling procedures, and 5- and 10-year performance and success criteria approaches.

The initial goal is to publish an article in a restoration journal or general science publication that presents a restoration design approach that maximizes reliance on minimal effort/impact/risk augmentation of existing natural processes (including biological and hydrological). The article will present the result of a comprehensive review of the literature and of currently occurring projects globally that are applicable to the approach. Collaboration is sought for research (literature, interviews, etc.) and co-authoring.

Private Lands Fire Management Partnership Program

Initial inquiries are planned towards feasibility evaluation of the planned pilot program in the lower-Deer Creek valley in Nevada County, California. Inquires include discussions with property owners including Nevada City School of the Arts, and with potentially involved agencies including CalFire and Nevada County Resource Conservation District. Initial informal collaboration is sought in developing concepts on Slack, including with fire ecologists, foresters, land managers, goat herders and others with applicable expertise. More intensive collaboration, preferably local, is also sought for partnering in developing the project.

Indigenous Scientific Assistant and Partnership Program

The team for the Bouamir, Cameroon plot resurvey project described above will include local Baka guides. Work will be coordinated with the CBI’s School of Indigenous Knowledge to further their senior-younger Baka guide mentorship model. Field survey methodology will include data collection to add to Applied Enlightenment’s database which currently includes nearly 7,000 individual identifications of over 500 species. Collaboration is sought, preferably with an anthropologist, to analyze the existing data set towards identifying plant species that are losing familiarity in the local Baka community, and co-authoring a paper on the results. Results will help to re-enforce knowledge of these species within the local Baka community.

Indigenous Cultivation, Restoration and Land Management Program

Initial inquiries are planned towards feasibility evaluation of the planned pilot program in Nevada County, California. Inquiries include discussion with local Nisenan tribe members and indigenous ecological knowledge experts elsewhere in the state. General collaboration is sought with interested folks.

Children’s Books- My Galaxy

The text of the book is completed along with mock graphics. Collaboration is sought with one or more artists to do the graphics. Graphics needs include night sky photography, some illustration, and photoshop manipulation of public domain JPL illustrations and Hubble photographs. The goal is self-publishing the book (“Applied Enlightenment Press” or such).

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Informal collaboration (discussion in Slack) is sought towards strategizing and preparing for seeking investment to develop the project.


Informal collaboration (discussion in Slack) is sought towards strategizing and preparing for seeking investment to develop one or more of these project.