Ways to get Involved

Help Us Get Started With the Boot-Up Fundraiser

Initial funds will be used to pay for 1) strategic marketing/social media contract help to increase the quality and success of AE's media and fundraiser, 2) to pay for targetted initial project start-up expenses, and 3) to allow me to continue to focus on the project completely.

Hello. This is Mark Fogiel, founder of AE. I'm an ecologist (M.S.) who has worked in California and elsewhere for the last 30 years as an environmental scientist. I've been developing these ideas for the last 10 years or so and stopped other work in October to focus on this because I think it's important. This outreach and fundraiser are being done so that I can continue this work, build an organization, and bring together the creativity and resources to make this happen.

Donate to the GoFundMe campaign for organization development.

Use Patreon for automatic monthly donations to allow me to continue focusing on AE development.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

* Help get the word out!  Please Like, Subscribe, etc. to Applied Enlightenment 's social media and fundraiser pages. Share posts on your networks. Send links along to folks who you think would be interested.

* Keep informed and watch the story of AE's progress. Sign up for our email list. 

* This will be a collaborative effort. How that collaboration will be structured is not fully determined yet but will be... through collaboration!  Join the discussion. Submit relevant posts for the blog.  Watch out for the coming Slack Community workspace and tell us if you're interested in joining. Until then, post and join the discussions on AE's Facebook page.

* If interested in helping with the website or social media, please contact us. See the Initial Projects page for a number of interesting possibilities that will be coming up.