Development Strategy

Initial Development Plan

Phase I (estimated one month)

1) Build initial communications structure (website and social media) and initiate fundraising campaign. Start to build AE community. [Status: initial structure built and implementation started.]

2) Use funds and volunteers to professionalize fundraising campaign. Contract marketing, social media and website developers/managers, editor, etc. to the extent possible with initial fund levels. [Status: enough funds have been raised to contract limited social media direction and consultation]

3) Establish non-profit status.

4) Expand communications and fundraising campaign. Increase fundraising capacity to implement Phase II. Expand AE community size and participation. Begin to establish internet presence as a reliable funding stream. 

Phase II (estimated 3 months)

5) Use funds to begin developing projects. Take next steps described in the Initial Project Development Plan. Next steps include grant seeking, partnership and collaboration buildling, feasibility evaluations, and preparation for investment seeking.

6) Begin to transition some of the social media campaign to development of basal portions of the AE Organization Structure, specifically AE Hub and AE Community.

7) Complete Phase III strategic planning.