Mark Fogiel2020/02/19

Bouamir Rainforest Tree Plot 27-Year Resurvey and Expansion Project

At the heart of Applied Enlightenment are its project concepts. As the climate and ecological crises require a wide range of attention, AE initial and proposed projects include a wide range of endeavors involving tropical ecology, applied ecology, ecological restoration, indigenous communities and traditional ecological knowledge, natural science communications, and economic systems transformation.

In association with the Congo Basin Institute (CBI), study plots established in 1994 by AE founder Mark Fogiel in the Dja Reserve, Cameroon will be re-censused and expanded to provide a 27-year perspective of forest dynamics and trajectory- a critically valuable data set for tracking ecosystem shifts in this critically important rainforest reserve during climatic shifts. The 2000 square mile Dja Wildlife Reserve is an incredibly valuable world ecological resource-rich intact rainforest habitat providing habitat for a multitude of flora and fauna including forest elephant, gorilla, and chimpanzee.

CBI has rebuilt the Bouamir Research Station in the Dja Reserve Cameroon, cofounded by CBI, Ken Whitney and AE founder Mark Fogiel in 1993. In communication with current CBI staff in the field, most of Mark’s 1994 vegetation plots have been re-found. CBI’s recently revived research infrastructure, along with their support structure in general for research in the region, is invaluable to making carrying out this project possible.

Significant steps have been completed in planning, scoping and budgeting the resurvey. Next step activities include completing initial planning, scoping and budgeting then seeking grants and other funding to enable the survey. Field work is anticipated to take 8-weeks to complete. The resurvey is targeted for 2021.

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