Mark Fogiel2020/02/19

Applied Enlightenment Rising

So, this “Applied Enlightenment” thing. “Huh,” you’ve likely said, with perhaps a shrug or an eye roll. I guess the thing is that I’ve studied and worked in the natural sciences as an ecologist for the last 30 years, have paid attention, and have concluded, like quite a few others, that we are fucking up on a scale that will put the harshest Greek tragedy to shame. And folks, we are here, 2020, after decades of procrastination and movement muddled by deceptive forces, at a moment where we HAVE TO turn things around. Where we have to get the carbon emission curve headed downward fast to avoid sending our children and fellow species into, to put it bluntly, the full force of Earth’s sixth mass extinction, and the unimaginable misery that will entail.

If you understand that, you understand you have to do something. And, at this point, it has to be as substantial as you can make it. For me, it is this Applied Enlightenment thing. Yes, the name is kind of weird and I may change it at some point. But I hope not to- it helps me to think about what I have to offer and gives me clarity to work towards offering it. For a few others who have taken the time to understand what this project is trying to do, I have seen some of the same effect.

So, I’ve been trying to get this started through an on-line campaign. This is something very new to me and I’ve not been that successful. However, I’ve been successful enough, raising a little over $1000, that I can’t give up and let those people down, yet there’s not a whole lot can do with that much. I am dangerously overdue to get back to money-earning work, but over the next few days, I will be trying an intensive effort- posting frequently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn- to try to get some momentum going.

Here’s some ways I could really use your help:
- Read, Like and respond to posts coming out over the next few days. Share if you feel inclined.
- Do this on any of the platforms you use: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
- Follow Applied Enlightenment on any of these platforms
- Join the Applied Enlightenment Idea Incubator Facebook Group. Just started. Post your ideas large and small that help with the current situation. Join the discussion on other people’s ideas.
- If you haven’t already, please consider making a small $5-$10 donation on the Applied Enlightenment GoFundMe or Patreon pages. Momentum could really help.
- If you know anyone that might be interested in helping fund something like this at a higher level, please point them to this project. My goal has been to get enough money to let me concentrate through a boot-up period (I’m thinking 3 months), during which time I will focus on getting grants and investment for specific projects.

Briefly again here’s what Applied Enlightenment is at this point and where my next focus will be:
- At the heart of Applied Enlightenment are about 2 dozen project ideas. Please take a look at See what my initial implementation plans are at Hell, spend 5 minutes reading the Home page at and look around the web site.
- I’m going to continue this online thing as 2 different social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). “Apply Your Enlightenment” will be to inspire people to apply themselves to the crisis in whatever small or large ways they can. It will be a place to continue to introduce people to Applied Enlightenment, report on AE’s progress, post on cool things people are doing related to AE goals, and post cool graphics that communicate aspects of the crisis and solutions.
- The other campaign is the “3.5% for Earth” campaign. The purpose of this is to try to motivate greater and broader turnout to protests and events occurring this year by conveying that there is research-based evidence that numbers do make a difference and that if 3.5% of population participates, change does occur. The Youth Climate Strike and other groups have quite a lot planned globally for 2020 and it looks to be substantial. Let’s do what we can to make it more substantial. Things I know about Earth Day (events 4/22-4/24) and a protest/strike before the November global COP26 climate meeting. Marches/Protests before the American 2020 election will be a focus also, along with other global elections, etc. where political change is necessary to make dealing with the climate crisis government priorities.

One thing I haven’t heard of that I want to push is a party. The Earth needs a party, we need to celebrate it. If this year pans out to what it looks like it might be, it could be the greatest socially active time globally since 1969. Let’s push a global Woodstock. Think of this statement from “On November 15, 1969, several months after Woodstock, growing opposition to the Vietnam War culminated in the largest antiwar demonstration in U.S. history.” This year is amazingly important and has amazing potential. Boomer’s, dust off your expertise and lets help make some good stuff happen!

Thanks for reading this and let’s get to it!

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