Mark Fogiel2020/02/13

3.5% for Earth Day 2020

Non-violent campaigns that reach 3.5% active participation do not fail in achieving their objectives*​

* In a global study of 323 violent and non-violent campaigns between 1900-2016 by Harvard researcher Dr. Erica Chenoweth, all non-violent campaigns reaching a threshold of 3.5% participation of the population during a peak event achieved their objectives. Non-violent campaigns were twice as likely to succeed than violent campaigns.

2020. The critical year to reverse the tide on climate change. Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary.

April 22-24

Informed goals motivate.

Youth organizations around the globe are leading on mobilization. It will take all of us. Keep informed. Put your talents to use. Find an event near you and plan to participate. and many, many more.

How Applied Enlightenment wants to help:

* Conduct an awareness campaign to promote the “3.5% rule” and participation goals for Earth Day 2020.

* Communicate directly with groups organizing Earth Day events to promote the 3.5% rule and using it to help maximize participation.

* Develop a simple app for people to easily see how many people comprise 3.5% of their locality.

* Point people to relevant communications and organizing tools (e.g. event maps) put out by other organizations.

All it takes are the people to take on those tasks and the funds to cover the work. 

The 3.5 for Earth Day campaign is the first initiative taken on by Applied Enlightenment, an organization launched with a website, a GoFindMe campaign and not much else on January 16, 2020. Please consider a donation. The extent of what we can do is determined by what we raise. Earth Day is coming up fast and we'd like to have a team going on this asap.

This campaign is a very small part of what Applied Enlightenment has in mind. Please go to our Home Page to find out what we're about.

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