Mark Fogiel2020/02/12

Applied Enlightenment is Back!

Hello. I'm Mark Fogiel, an ecologist (M.S.) who has worked in California and elsewhere for the last 30 years as an environmental scientist. I've been developing the ideas of Applied Enlightenment for the last 10 years or so and stopped other work in October to focus on this because I think it's important. We are currently doing outreach and a fundraiser so that I can continue this work, build an organization, and bring together the creativity and resources to make this happen.

Applied Enlightenment (AE) launched with a website, some social media, and not much else on January 16, 2020. Now on February 12, we are relaunching a revamped website, and our first initiative! 3.5% for Earth Day 2020using a research-based metric to help motivate and achieve critical mass of global activism in 2020.

Go to the 3.5% Initiative Page for more info.

This is a lot, but AE is actually so much more. Applied Enlightenment is dedicated to using leading-edge tools of emerging science and information technologies to connect and spur global human creativity to meet and beat the challenges of the climate crisis, and emerge as an ecologically sustainable and beneficial presence on the planet. The scope of the project is vast and deep. I urge you to spend 5 minutes or so to read our website Home Page to get an idea of what AE is about and then go a bit deeper into the site, especially the Projects pages, to get the whole picture. 

The vision is for Applied Enlightenment to be a versatile organization that provides a continuum of open to closed systems to accelerate discussion, elevation, development and implementation of project ideas that advance us towards becoming an ecologically sustainable and beneficial presence on the planet.

AE Project concepts presently include a wide range of concepts involving tropical ecology, applied ecology, ecological restoration, indigenous communities and traditional ecological knowledge, earth and natural science communications, and economic systems transformation. 

Initial funds will be used to pay for 1) strategic marketing/social media contract help for the "3.5 for Earth Day 2020" campaign as well as to increase the quality and success of AE's media and fundraiser, 2) to pay for targetted initial project start-up expenses, and 3) to allow me to continue to focus on the project completely.

This endeavor is ambitious and the potential of its benefits run deep. In these difficult times, I can't think of much else that is worth more trying. Please consider making a donation (Click on the link below) and help ensure this project has a chance to gain a footing and grow.

Thanks in advance for considering a contribution. And please, spread the word! I look forward to you becoming part of this journey.

Mark Fogiel, Founder
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