Applied Enlightenment is about:

● Using the leading edge of emerging information technologies to its full potential to connect the creativity and motivation within humanity and collaboratively overcome the climate crisis.

● Making sure we meet the most ambitious 2030 and 2050 climate goals. 

● Building a platform that facilitates and accelerates the creative process- from broad open discussion and access to resources, to a structure that incubates new ideas and provides a ladder of support and resources to bring transformative ideas and projects to fruition.

● Developing our own non-profit and for-profit projects to build an organization and company that, in strategic recycling of profits, expands rapidly its effect in the world.

● Creating, partnering on, affiliating with, and supporting projects that take us towards an enlightened presence on the planet.

● Maximizing the opportunity for all of us to Apply Our Enlightenment towards healing ourselves and our world.