It’s not just a question of carbon and technical solutions. The sources of the ecologic and climate crises run deep in our culture and through many aspects of our relationship with the planet. Overcoming the crises depends on a critical mass rediscovering our connection to the Earth and working towards healing it. Depends on drawing from the best of the collective human experience and knowledge. Depends on using our creativity and innovations to accelerate momentum towards achieving an ecologically sustainable and beneficial presence on the planet.

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Applied Enlightenment's first initiative! Using a research-based metric to help motivate and achieve critical mass of global activism in 2020.

A lot is happening that gives hope- the rising urgency and activism of youth around the world, the steady growth and advancement of thought and innovation by transformative individuals, groups, labs, companies, organizations, and even some politicians and governments.

But then… reality check. "Leadership" at the highest level in ignorant denial. A public discourse polluted with alternative truths and false narratives. Unfathomably large, powerful and wealthy entities hooked on extraction and emission, with tentacles reaching deep into our systems of economy, governance and culture. And then there's most of us, variously addicted to the consumptive lifestyles of the world we were born into...

But screw the negativity.

Because there is hope. Really.

Take into account these two things...

1) There are presently 7.6 billion people on the planet. While arriving at such a huge population is a reflection of our immaturity as a sentient and aware species, and a large factor in our current crisis, here we are. Within that population is one huge pool of creative, knowledgeable, intelligent, and amazing individuals. All of the solutions and talents are there.

2) Communications, networking and collaboration tools have advanced greatly over the last decade. And now artificial intelligence, ever more sophisticated data and information applications, automation, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, satellite constellations connecting practically every square inch of the globe to high-speed internet- these and other technologies appear poised to disrupt the very nature and structure of work, economy, and society.

And offer the critical tools at the critical time to bring it all together, seize the moment, and do what needs to be done.

Hello. I'm Mark Fogiel, an ecologist (M.S.) who has worked in California and elsewhere for the last 30 years as an environmental scientist. I've been developing these ideas for the last 10 years or so and stopped other work in October to focus on this because I think it's important. This outreach and fundraiser are being done so that I can continue this work, build an organization, and bring together the creativity and resources to make this happen.

I hope you find the ideas compelling and worth attempting. If so, please consider clicking on a fundraiser button to make a donation or see how else you can help. Thank you.

So what exactly is Applied Enlightenment?

The vision is for Applied Enlightenment to be a versatile organization that provides a continuum of open to closed systems to accelerate discussion, elevation, development and implementation of project ideas that advance us towards becoming an ecologically sustainable and beneficial presence on the planet.

AE is envisioned as a complex organization with non-profit, for-profit and academic structures, capable of applying the most effective approaches to any given project or goal. 

See the Organizational Structure page for more detail.

AE Projects

The range of areas that humanity must be active in towards bringing about change is enormous. Applied Enlightenment's initial project sets reflect just a few. 

AE Projects presently include a wide range of concepts involving tropical ecology, applied ecology, ecological restoration, indigenous communities and traditional ecological knowledge, earth and natural science communications, and economic systems transformation. Please check out Projects sections for descriptions or click on a button below to go directly to project groups.

AE Boot-Up Plan

We are at the very beginning. What you see on the website, fundraising and social media pages is mostly what there is. A sprawling complex concept and very resources. The plan is to start with what we have, focus on a few manageable goals and strategically re-invest to advance and expand development. Right now that looks like this:

Phase I

1) Build initial communications structure and start fundraising campaign. [completed]

2) Use funds to contract help to professionalize the social media and fundraising campaign.

3) Focus the campaign efforts on the 3.5% for Earth Initiative.

4) Establish non-profit status.

Phase II

5) Use funds to begin developing projects (see Initial Project Development Plan).

6) Transition parts of the 3.5% for Earth campaign towards building basal portions of AE Organizational Structure- AE Hub and AE Community.

7) Expand fundraising efforts towards securing grants and investment for initial projects.

... yes there is a bit of the cute fuzzy animal emotional appeal to get clicks on the fundraiser buttons. But these are all species that will very likely go extinct this century if we fail to act and overcome this crisis of our own making.

That Applied Enlightenment might be an idea with the potential to help overcome the crisis and save as much as possible of this biodiversity is the real emotional appeal.

Applied Enlightenment is about:

● Applying the leading edge of emerging information technologies to its full potential to connect the creativity and motivation within humanity and collaboratively overcome the climate crisis.

● Helping to ensure we meet the most ambitious 2030 and 2050 climate goals. 

● Building a platform that facilitates and accelerates the creative process- from broad open discussion and access to resources, to a structure that incubates new ideas and provides a ladder of support and resources to bring transformative ideas and projects to fruition.

● Developing our own non-profit and for-profit projects to build an organization and company that, in strategic recycling of and sharing of experience resources, expands rapidly to effect change in the world.

● Creating, partnering on, affiliating with, and supporting projects that take us towards an enlightened presence on the planet.

● Building the opportunity for all of us to Apply Our Enlightenment to solve the current crises and create a sustainable and beneficial presence on the planet.

We thank you for your attention and we look forward to working with you towards fulfilling our mission.